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  • How to register
    To register and create your Kiwii account, go to the right corner on our homepage to find 'Login/register'.
  • I have forgotten my password.
    Just follow the instructions to request a new password, an all will be well. Click on account, add you email and click on the "forgot my password".
  • Unsubscribe from email newsletter
    If you decide that you do not wish to receive our email communications, you can unsubscribe by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ button on the bottom of any email you recive from us. Changes can take up to 48 hours to take effect.
  • How do I remember which fragrance I filled in my Kiwii?
    You can buy a Kiwii atomizer in the same color as the bottle or packaging of your fragrance. Another option is to label the inner cartridge with a waterproof pen, or have your Kiwii atomizer engraved. (Service is at the moment not posible in our store)
  • Can I fill the Kiwii from a bottle without a spray nozzle?
    We recommend that you only refill the Kiwii from a perfume spray bottle. These are designed to apply only gentle pressure.
  • Your question is not listed?
    If you have any more questions please let us know.
  • How can I reset my password?
    Don't worry, if you need to reset your account password, you can do so at the first step of check out. When prompted to login to your account, simply cklick "forgot my password" below the password entry box.
  • How can I leave a review?
    Dear members of the Kiwii Society, we value your opinions and welcome your product reviews. To ensure that your review is accepted, please follow the instructions and guidelines provided below. Please note that in order to review a product, you must have an active Kiwii account and be logged in. To submit your review, please navigate to the product page and find the review section. By submitting your review, you acknowledge and agree that it may be used to promote Kiwii's products on our website, along with the name on your account. Please be aware that all reviews are subject to our terms and conditions, and we reserve the right to reject reviews that contain obscene, discriminatory, illegal, or defamatory content. Additionally, we will not post reviews that include advertisements, spam, or references to other products, websites, or prices outside of the Kiwii brand. If you have any feedback or concerns regarding our products or services, please feel free to submit a request via our website.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept the following methods of payment: Apple Pay Klarna PayPal Kiwii's e-gift card MasterCard Visa
  • Curious about Klarna?
    Klarna pays for your purchase now so that you can pay later and allows you to settle the balance of your order over three interest-free instalments.
  • Where can I purchase a gift card?
    Don't know what color you want to choose fpr your loved ones? Let them coose exactly what they want form Kiwii with a gift card! E-Gift Card These electronic online gift cards work just like standard gift cards, but they are sent to you by email. You can even add a personal touch with a gift message and choice of delightful designs for any occasion. E-gift cards can be purchased online. If you would like to purchase an e-gift card online please click here.
  • E-gift card terms and conditions
    1. E-gift Cards can only be purchased online at by debt or credit cards. 3. The minimum value of a E-gift Cards or Gift Cards is 15€. 4. E-gift Cards acan be redeemed online at only. 5. A maximum of one E-gift card can be used per online transaction. 6. E-gift Cards cannot be refunded. 7. E-gift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash. 8. Balances cannot be transferred onto a new E-gift Cards. 9. E-gift Cards cannot be used to purchase E-gift Cards or Gift Cards. 10. E-gift Cards can be used for most purchases, although at certain times exclusions may apply and Kiwii reserves the right to amend these at any time. 11. E-gift Cards cannot be "topped-up" (this means you cannot add more money to an existing Card balance). 12. When you use your E-gift Cards , the amount of your purchase will be deducted from the balance of the card. Change will not be given. Any balance on a E-gift Cards or Gift Cards can be used as full or part payment on a future purchase. 13. E-gift Cards will be emailed to the recipient address provided to us up to two hours after the order is placed or on a specified delivery date selected when purchasing the E-gift Card. Please check junk and spam folders.  14. E-gift Cards expire 24 months after purchase. Any remaining balance left on the card after the stated expiry date will be removed and the Card will become invalid and no longer available for use. They cannot be reissued after expiry, nor can the expiry be extended. 15. In cases where your E-gift Cards is misplaced/deleted, Kiwii is unable to replace or reimburse the remaining balance on a card. Kiwii cannot be held responsible for any balance lost on E-gift Cards. Kiwii cannot be held responsible for the unauthorised use of your card where the number and/or PIN have become known to another party. 16. Kiwii reserves the right to refuse to accept E-gift Cards which it deems to have been tampered with, duplicated, damaged or which is otherwise suspected of being potentially fraudulent. 17. Kiwii reserves the right to update and change the terms and conditions of our Kiwii Gift Cards at any time. This does not affect your legal rights. Use of your Kiwii E-gift Cards constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions. Your Kiwii E-gift Cards is the property of Kiwii who maintains the right to cancel the card in situations where it is deemed necessary. 18. Registering your Penhaligons E-gift Card involves you disclosing personal information which includes your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. The Kiwii Privacy Policy applies wherever you are required to provide personal information.
  • Order confirmation
    Upon placing an order, you will receive an email from us confirming that we have received your order. However, this confirmation does not imply that your order has been accepted. We will send you a separate email, the 'Shipping Confirmation', to confirm the acceptance of your order. This email will inform you that your goods have been dispatched, and it marks the point at which the contract between you and us for the sale and purchase of your goodies begins. If you have not received the Shipping Confirmation email within three working days or the confirmation email within 24 hours of successfully placing an order, we kindly ask you to check your spam and/or junk folders before getting in touch with us.
  • How can I track my order?
    You will recieve an email in you inbox as soon as your order is shipped, replete with all tracking particulars. We also Recommend opening an account where you can easily check the status of your order and find the tracking once the order has been dispatched. We endeavour to deliver your wonderful purchase as switly as possible.
  • Can I cancel or amend my order?
    Once an order is placed, it's not possible to make any changes to it. However, there may be an option to cancel it. Please keep in mind that our teams put in a lot of effort to quickly pick, pack, and ship orders. Therefore, cancellation requests are time-sensitive and cannot be guaranteed. If you wish to request a cancellation, kindly submit your request through this link and include your order number and full name. Please note, we do not capture payment until your order has been dispatched. If your cancellation request is successful before dispatch, you will not be charged.
  • Can I clean the Kiwii?
    We generally do not recommend cleaning the Kiwii cartridges. Use a Kiwii case for each fragrance. If you own multiple fragrances, we recommend purchasing a Set (with two cartridges each). If you still want to clean your Kiwii atomoizer, here's how: Get a small travel spray bottle. You can find these in drugstores and pharmacies. Buy a spray bottle with the smallest nozzle possible and that only applies light pressure, otherwise you may damage your Kiwii. Fill the spray bottle with water. Pump the Travalo cartridge full of water (do not overfill!). Spray out the water from the Kiwii and repeat the process if necessary. .
  • Can I take appart the Kiwii?
    The Kiwii consists of three parts: cap, aluminum body, and the inner part (cartridge) made of plastic. The inner plastic part can be removed, but it cannot be taken apart.
  • How can I refill my atomizer?
    Simply put your fragance without the cap on the bottom of the atomizer and start pumping.


Protecting one's privacy is of utmost importance to Kiwii. We will only share your information with third parties in compliance with our Privacy Policy, which you can access by clicking on this link: Privacy Policy, Terms of Use. Rest assured that we take this responsibility seriously and abide by our commitments.

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